Mastering the Basics:
Neurodiversity 101 for the workplace

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Short course

90 min

Tools & Templates

2 tools, 2 templates


25 interactions and 4 Self-Assessment Quizzes


Certificate option (by passing a final exam)

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This course is meticulously crafted for business professionals seeking clear, concise, and credible information about what neurodiversity is and offering strategies to begin harnessing its advantages for innovation, productivity, and inclusive culture building.

Expert-Led Insights

Learn from course author, Noelle Sinclair, a leader in neurodiversity and corporate strategy and  program development.

Practical Strategies

Gain hands-on techniques for fostering an inclusive environment that values diverse neurological perspectives.

Organizational Benefit

Discover how neurodiversity contributes to improved creativity, problem-solving, and overall business success.

Clear and Concise Content

Designed for busy professionals, the course delivers impactful knowledge without overwhelming participants.

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Course author:
Noelle Sinclair, MBA

Noelle founded DiverseMinds Ltd, an organization dedicated to creating an inclusive future where all neurological styles are accepted and embraced. As someone who is autistic (and ADHD), Noelle is especially aware of the importance of neurodivergent voices being heard and valued within the workplace.

Noelle's expertise comes from 15 years in corporate environments, developing, implementing, and managing global programs in governance, strategy, privacy, information security, training, and risk management for organizations like E-Health Ontario, CIBC, and Sun Life Financial.

Now based in Hong Kong, she helps organizations design, build, and implement neuro-inclusive initiatives and training. Noelle has an MBA and additional post-graduate work in strategy (University of Oxford), and the Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health (King's College London).

With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she is uniquely qualified to lead the charge in creating a future where all neurological styles are welcomed and valued, especially in the workplace.